Faith Fellowship is guided by the Pastor and a Steering Committee. This committee is appointed by congregational member vote to oversee and direct the actions and activities of the group. Any voting member of the group in good standing is eligible to serve on the committee for a three-year term, provided they agree to accept the required responsibilities and are voted into office.

Letty Kincaid - Senior Pastor


Letty Kincaid was raised in the Catholic Church without any knowledge of the Bible. When she was 16, her father started reading the Bible and became mesmerized by the book of Revelation. She was drawn to this mysterious book and her quest for truth began. She knew she needed to know what was in this book. She became a teacher and eventually opened up a preschool but never stopped wondering what this final book of the Bible was telling her. Twenty years later, her life was changed when she read a book titled: "Warning, Revelation Is About to Be Fulfilled!" This propelled her into serious personal Bible study and eventually lead her to a calling into the ministry. Convicted that Christ's return will be in her lifetime, it is now her joy to tell Revelation's fascinating story of God's love and the great lengths to which He is prepared to go to save mankind.

Michael Quick - Steer / Treasurer


Mike was born and raised in Castle Rock, WA. He was raised and educated in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. After graduating from university in 1991, he moved to Round Rock, TX and married his high school sweetheart. In 1994, Mike left the Adventist Church in order to help establish Faith Fellowship and proclaim the soon return of Jesus Christ. For as long as he can remember, he has impatiently awaited the start of the Great Tribulation because it heralds the second coming of Jesus! He is continuously overwhelmed by God's perfect plan and the priceless blessing of being part of the spreading of His gospel and Revelation story. He and his family are looking forward to their faith soon being made sight.

Christopher Jack - Steer / Media Director


Chris grew up in Virginia Beach where he loved to surf and play music. In 2010 he moved to Austin, TX. Since then, he has obtained two bachelor's degrees, one in music and the other in behavioral science and was married in 2013. His passion for God and His Word has guided him into much study over the years; he now leads at Faith Fellowship as a Steering Committee member and works closely with Faith Ministries to develop video Bible studies and lead Conferences, telling people about the gospel and the soon return of Jesus Christ!