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About us


Faith Fellowship Round Rock began in 1994 to follow the mission of its new congregation, "Keeping the hope alive." We are here to proclaim the imminent return of Jesus.

We are not sponsored or endorsed by any other church body or denomination.

We believe that Bible prophecy predicts that the end of the world could happen at any time and we are committed to sharing this conclusion with as many people as possible.

Because our understanding of biblical prophecy is based on complex and additive portions of Scripture, we freely admit the possibility of error and the need for updating various understandings of components of prophecy as they become more clearly revealed.

We started as a house church and moved quickly to our first facility. We moved later in 2008 to a newly renovated building before finding our current church home in 2013.

MISSION: Believing that the Bible is God's inspired and authoritative word to man, we are dedicated to promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are pertinent to the time in which we are living and it is our mission to proclaim the imminent return of Jesus and the offer of eternal life through faith in Him.

MEANS: It is our purpose to accomplish this mission through personal witness and efforts as well as through financial support. We believe that as a body of Christians, we can completely engage in activities that will further this objective. We will use whatever methods available including seminars, audio/video presentations, and printed materials to spread the good news of Jesus' soon return.

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